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Top 10 Highest Paid Football Players in the World - 2008

Below is the list of top 10 highest paid soccer player by forbes

No. 10) John Terry
Age: 27

Nationality: English
Club: Chelsea
Earnings (m): $17.0, 8.5 pounds, 12.4 euros
In 2007 Terry signed a five-year, nearly $250,000-per-week contract, which will keep him a Blue for life. The defender added to his royal purse when he became the face of King of Shaves and helped launch the skin care company's first TV commercial.

No. 9) Steven Gerrard

Age: 28

Nationality: English
Club: Liverpool
Earnings (m): $17.1, 8.5 pounds, 12.5 euros
While fans fantasize about a takeover of Liverpool from disliked American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the club's captain and native son is a rallying force keeping the Reds together. Gerrard is on pace to top his personal best of 22 goals in a season and has a contract that runs until 2011.

No. 8) Andriy Shevchenko

Age: 31

Nationality: Ukranian
Club: Chelsea
Earnings (m): $17.5, 8.7 pounds, 12.8 euros
Despite signing a club record four-year contract to join Chelsea in the 2006-07 season, Shevy is said to be close to a return to AC Milan, whose president, Silvio Berlusconi, is godfather to his eldest son. There, Shevchenko would be closer to the house of Armani, with whom he opened a boutique in his native Kiev.

No. 7) Fabio Cannavaro

Age: 34

Nationality: Italian
Club: Real Madrid
Earnings (m): $17.5, 8.7 pounds, 12.8 euros
The Italian national team's captain and stalwart defender was a member of the Real Madrid squad that won the 2007 La Liga title. The stopper, donning new Sting sunglasses as part of an 18-month deal signed in January 2007, then snubbed a move to English Premier League club Chelsea.

No. 6) Kaka

Age: 26

Nationality: Brazilian
Club: AC Milan
Earnings (m): $17.7, 8.8 pounds, 12.9 euros
The influential play maker known by his childhood nickname is the reigning best player in the world. After receiving the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year award (and similar UEFA Club, World Soccer and Italian Series A awards), Kaka was rewarded by the Rossoneri with a contract extension worth $14 million a year.

No. 5) Cristiano Ronaldo

Age: 23
Nationality: Portuguese
Club: Manchester United
Earnings (m): $18.5, 9.2 pounds, 13.5 euros
After outpacing a Bugatti Veyron in a recent Nike ad, the Portuguese winger beat a club record for most goals (32) in a season held by Old Trafford idol George Best. Man U. is about to match his Beckham-like fame off the pitch by making him the highest-paid player in the Premier League with a new contract worth over $275,000 per week.

No. 4) Ronaldo

Age: 31

Nationality: Brazilian
Club: AC Milan
Earnings (m): $21.2, 10.6 pounds, 15.5 euros
In February 2008, the three-time World Player of the Year and all-time leading World Cup scorer suffered a season-ending knee injury. Since it was the third of such kind, requiring nine months of rehabilitation and his contract expires in June 30, it's likely The Phenomenon's career is in jeopardy, at least in a top-flight league. His hometown team, Rio's Flamengo, beckons.

No. 3) Thierry Henry

Age: 30

Nationality: French
Club: Barcelona
Earnings (m): $25.1, 12.5 pounds, 18.3 euros
Less than a year after Arsenal's career-leading scorer (226 goals) signed a four-year contract with Barcelona worth more than $9 million a year, the French national is up for sale. MLS's Seattle Sounders are in hot pursuit, and Henry said he would love to play in the U.S. Americans are already familiar with him--he's the other famous face in the Gillette ads with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.

No. 2) Ronaldinho

Age: 28

Nationality: Brazilian
Club: Barcelona
Earnings (m): $32.6, 16.3 pounds, 23.8 euros
After starting in only 13 league games this season due to a thigh injury, Ronaldinho is out for the season and stands accused of having "Brazilian superstar disease." AC Milan (Italian Series A), Manchester City (EPL) and Don Garber of MLS all think they have a cure. YouTube is already infected--it contains over 115,000 videos of him, including Nike's "Touch of Gold" viewed by over 22 million people.

No. 1) David Beckham

David Beckham
Age: 33
Nationality: English
Club: Los Angeles Galaxy
Earnings (m): $48.9, 24.4 pounds, 35.7 euros
After appearing in his milestone 100th match for England, Becks marked his second season at the Galaxy's home opener with a win. Off the pitch, Beck's brain trust is making sure he benefits from the jersey and ticket sales incentives in his new contract. His Armani underwear campaign has soccer moms taking notice. His Sharpie deal makes sure he can sign all the No. 23 merchandise their kids bring to the Home Depot Center.


  1. this is RONALDINHO is the highest!!Becks getin old ;)

  2. Cristiano is the best,soon he will be the highest paid football player!Beckham is history!

  3. na wa ooooooooo,becks no won just gree 4 players sha na him b no 1

  4. no becks earns the most

  5. Wheres MESSI??? His One Of Highest Paid As Well...


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