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Top 10 Songs, I wish the world to watch at least once

TOP 10 Songs that i wish every one in the world to watch at least once

The below list can differ based on your taste but that doesn't matter... all the song are Top, thats the matter.

A good song is not only judged just by best dancers presence or the best song playing behind it.. rather it is a combination of dance, lyrics, location, the timely involvement of co-dancers, etc...

I'm sure that this 10 songs will hypnotize you to dance


So I wish every single fellow in the world to hear this songs at least once.

The reason for choosing this top 10 songs are...
  • These songs are really superb
  • There is a spark in these songs
  • Music of this songs are pleasant...
  • Pleasant to see and hear..
  • Lyrics is good...
  • choreography is Excellent...
Enough of reading this... just hear as well as see the songs below, then you are sure to appreciate me.. for bringing this songs to your notice..

(NOTE: don't see without sound system or head phones
don't see more than 2 songs at a time.. give enough break and then listen)

10) This place will be filled after considering users comment & suggestion

9) Rang De Basanti

8) Ricky Martin cup of life

7) Alaipayuthey

6) Dhoom

5) Who Let The Dogs Out

4) Raam

3) Madagascar

2) Lakshya

1) Pollathavan

Note: If you want to enjoy and hear these songs, try to know the meaning of the lyrics.
Get familiar with the songs by hearing 3-5 times. because if you hear once you may not be impressed some time.

Anyway thanks for fulfilling my wish by hearing these songs.

Hope you cannot disagree with the list of songs given here.. maybe later some compromise can be made in the list.

If you feel this is not a good list.. then you can comment or suggest here your opinion.
If you feel its good then you can mail the list to your friends to share your happiness..


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