Tuesday, March 4

Top 10 biggest ever falls in Indian stock market

May 18, 2006: The Sensex recorded a fall of 826 points (6.76 per cent) by closing at 11,391, its biggest ever fall. Heavy selling by FIIs, retail investors and a weakness in global markets were blamed for this crisis.

BSEApril 28, 1992: The Sensex marked a fall of 570 points (12.77 per cent) registering the biggest ever fall till date but was the second biggest fall till May 18, 2006. It closed at 3,870 and the defamed securities scam case of Harshad Mehta came in the lime light

May 17, 2004: Another ‘Black’ Monday. Sensex slipped of 565 points, its third biggest fall ever, to close at 4,505. The reason behind it was blamed to deportation of the NDA government and UPA has formed the government with the coalition of left parties. The Sensex witnessed its second-biggest intra-day fall of 842 points, twice in a day attracting suspension of trading but could able to manage some recovery.

May 15, 2006: The market fell by 463 points to 11,822 points

May 22, 2006: Sensex slumped by 457 points to 10,482

May 19, 2006: Sensex slumped by 453 points to 10,939

April 4, 2000: Sensex slumped by 361 points to 4,691

May 12, 1992: Indian stock markets plunged 334 points to fall to 3,086

May 14, 2004: Sensex lost 330 points to fall to 5,070

May 6, 1992: Losing 327 points, the Sensex fell to 3,561 points


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