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Top 10 Legal Gadgets for the Modern Spy

Below are the list of Top 10 Gadgets for people who have a desire to obtain gadgets like James Bond without being enrolled in the military or secret service. These include things from laser beams that cut things to x-ray goggles that see through clothes to CSI grade forensic lab hardware.
These products are legal in most places but,please look up state laws about the buying and use of that product. It is your responsibility to follow the law and I will take no responsibility if you do something wrong.

1. A Laser

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 2 We've all seen 007's watch, that red laser can cut through anything it needs to. Now in our developed world we have technology that does better; lasers in any color of the rainbow. They are so visible in daylight you need to wear protective glasses just to look at the beam.

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 3 Although they cannot fit inside a watch yet, these military grade burning lasers are only the size of a pen but can cut like a knife, light things on fire, and have their beam be visible any where you point it; hundreds of miles away!

2. Lock Picking Tools

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 4 Most of us don't care to use our shoulder to break through locked doors, and many doors cannot be broken. Here's where these tools come into play.

3. A TracerGadgets for the Modern Spy 5 Admit it. You've watched a lot of Hollywood in your lifetime and from 007 to StarWars films have had many scenes where people trace each other with small gadgets they slipped onto each other.
Thanks to Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) this is now no large feat to do. You may buy a small box, less than half the size of a cigarette box which you can then stick, using the built in magnets, onto anything you want to trace. Then you can monitor their psotion all the way.

4. Intrusion Gear

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 6 Any good undercover operative can enter any facility. Even without permission. Apart from lock picking, which is for the patient man, you can get in like a ninja or like Jackie Chan.

5. Biometric Security

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 7 Security using your one-of-a-kind body is the best there is. Although things like voice recognition, palm, hand and fingerprint scanning, iris and retina reading, hand vein imagery, facial 3d modeling verification, and DNA testing security devices are harder to buy as they require you personal information, what you need it for, and a price quote these high end security devices were too cool not to be included on the list.

6. Secret Surveillance: Audio and Video

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 8 Here's where the word "spy" comes from. Using these gadgets you may record audio and visual data within a large radius, or though a specific device such as a phone. You can do all this without being detected using special equipment.
Gadgets for the Modern Spy 9
These Microphones and cameras can be smaller than the nail on your pinky finger and can be on constantly or activated by sound or motion. You can even get cameras that see in the dark or mikes which can pinpoint sounds a hundred feet away.

7. Virtual Secret SurveillanceGadgets for the Modern Spy 10 Ever wished you could know every single thing somebody did on a certain computer? And all their passwords? Well, this is now possible. Using simply a small plug-in device, the size of a nickel, between a person's keyboard (even a wireless one) and their computer, you can see hundreds of pages of text that they type no matter what it is. You can monitor every single button they press on their keyboard. No software is involved in this process; you simply set a password on the device and plug it in.
When it has been recording a good deal of time you can take it out and plug it into your own computer enter the password and Viola! You can see everything they've typed. If you do not want to have to retrieve the device you can have what it has recorded sent to a website, email, or FTP server.
This device can be left in for years on end. You may also buy software that does exactly the same thing and at the same time records the person's screen.

8. Self Defense

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 11 Now that your going to be a real spy your going to need some serious protection. These are things from Martial arts and ninja weapons, to police batons, to stun guns and tasers disguised as cell phones (just like James Bond), to pepper spray disguised as lipstick, to handcuffs and thumbcuffs, to blowguns which shoot tranquilizer darts 200 feet using only your breath. These are mostly non-lethal weapons but always use the utmost caution.
Gadgets for the Modern Spy 12

9. Counter Equipment
Gadgets for the Modern Spy 13 Of course, now that you have bought the necessary accessories and become a double O, you have made enemies, use these gadgets to prevent them spying on you. They have bug sweepers to see that no one is spying on you through your Phone, fax, or computer, or with hidden microphones and cameras. Also in stock are anti-tracers so as to jam, and not to be tracked by, GPS.
You can protect your computer from spies, buy a Government Grade Computer protection program which will save you from stealthy spy programs monitoring your computer.
Did you know that no matter what you delete on your computer, even "permanently" is never really gone? No matter what you do, even if you are a good programmer and delete the cache, the 1's and 0's are still there in a non-accessible piece of your hard disk. This information is kept there for the government to see. If you are paranoid or simply want to get something off your computer forever, so as to not be haunted by it, these things will help you get rid of those things. If you have information on a person spying on you it is possible to find out who the person is with their living address, email address, telephone number, or car license plate.

10. Other Really Cool Equipment

Gadgets for the Modern Spy 14 There are also some cool necessities (picture not shown),like USB SIM card reader which will allow you to see anything on a person's phone, even deleted items such as text messages, simply by plugging in the SIM card and hand-held lie detectors.Gadgets for the Modern Spy 15This is just for your additional information REAL X-RAY GLASSES that see through clothes (But it is illegal gadgets for common man) (source: webupon)


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