Friday, May 23

Top 10 Ways to Search Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a knowledge source and everybody often use this site for your day to day doubts and clarification. In order to make use of this site in an effective way you can follow the below suggested sites (source: readwriteweb)


1. Powerset

Powerset is a much-hyped semantic search engine that uses natural language processing to "understand" concepts in web content and match pages to queries. Right now it only searches Wikipedia (and Freebase). We put it through some early paces last week.

2. Wikiwix

Wikiwix calls itself the "ultimate Wikipedia articles search engine." It searches all of the Wikipedia sites at once (i.e., Wikiquote, Wikiionary, Wikinews, etc.) and has a very handy Wikipedia image search.

3. AskMeNow

AskMeNow is a mobile-targeted Wikipedia search engine that does some natural language processing similar to Powerset and then attempts to cull your answer directly from Wikipedia. Like any NLP search, it's not perfect, but often enough it is right on the nose.

4. Similpedia

Similpedia lets you find related content on Wikipedia. Paste a URL or a paragraph of text and it will dig up articles on Wikipedia that are in some way related.

5. Gollum

Gollum is a Wikipedia browser that supposedly "[reduces] the complexity of information" and makes it easier to browse the online enclyclopedia. To be honest, though, we can't really see any benefit over just browsing Wikipedia in Firefox.

6. Qwika

Qwika doesn't just search Wikipedia -- it searches wikis. 1,158 of them. Wikipedia is included in those it searches, however, and the site makes it easier to search across multiple languages.

7. WikiMindMap

WikiMindMap is one of the coolest Wikipedia search mashups out there. Enter a search term, and the site will generate a mindmap based on related Wikipedia entries allowing you to easily explore a topic and its related articles in full.

8. Wikiwax

Wikiwax gives Wikipedia search the AJAX suggestion treatment. Get search suggestions while you type and find that Wikipedia article a fraction of a second faster.

9. Lexisum

Lexisum takes Wikipedia articles and summarizes them to a smaller, more digestible format that are better set up for printing. You can choose from a number of standard print sizes to display your article summary (A4, A6, etc.).

10. & SearchMash and SearchMash (a test sandbox for Google) each augment their search results with information from Wikipedia. Not a pure Wikipedia search, but interesting stuff from a couple of major search players.


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