Tuesday, July 8

10 Guidelines to Choose Hair Extension Stylists

Using Hair Extensions are very common in US and European countries. so I have collected some collect effective guidelines to offer for you to make the things easier for you while choosing the hair stylist

1. Schedule at least 3 hair extension consultations.
2. Verify that the stylist has the credentials/training they say they do.
3. Get at least 3 references from each stylist and call them all.
4. Read every little word on any contract they give you.
5. Ask exactly what happens if something goes wrong.
5. Call the Board of Cosmetology in your state to verify the stylist does have a cosmetology license and check if any complaints have been filed against him/her.
6. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the stylist of salon.
7. "Google" the salon/stylist and hair extension method.
8. Visit Hair Extension forums and check if anyone has mentioned the stylist or salon.
9. Take notes during your consultation so that you can better compare salons/methods later.
10. NEVER NEVER sign a contract during the consultation. Always go home, do research and homework and read the contract in full before signing.


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