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Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

Chicago Merchandise Mart..... Illinois , USA

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

The Merchandise Mart is the world’s largest commercial building, largest wholesale design center and one of Chicago’s premier international business locations. Encompassing 4.2 million gross square feet, The Mart spans two city blocks and rises 25 stories. Today, The Merchandise Mart welcomes more than three million visitors each year to its retail shops, LuxeHome® boutiques, 11 floors of permanent showrooms for gift, residential, casual and contract furnishings, 10 floors of office space, dozens of trade shows and a myriad of special educational, community and consumer events.

The epicenter for high design and luxury goods, The Merchandise Mart is located in the heart of a city that is home to prestigious fine art institutions, world-class museums, award-winning architecture, professional entertainment venues and diverse restaurant offerings. The Merchandise Mart is a short, leisurely walk to the famous Magnificent Mile, where exclusive shops and four-star hotels bustle with activity from the Tribune Tower to North Avenue Beach. Also nearby is Millennium Park, Chicago’s newest architectural landmark featuring celebrated public art works and breathtaking views of both the lakefront and the skyline.


South China Mall, Dongguan ,China ......892, 000 meter-square Shops on 6 floors

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

South China Mall in Dongguan, China is the largest mall in the world. It has leasable space for over 1,500 stores in approximately 6.5 million square feet (600,000 square metres) of total floor area.

Although the mall opened in 2005, it suffers from a lack of retailers. Much of the retail space remains empty, with 99.2 percent of the stores vacant. Many analysts say that the main reason the mall is so far largely unoccupied is that it is located in the suburbs of Dongguan, which means that it is only practical to travel there using a car. The mall is scheduled to close in July of 2008.


World Water Park ...... Edmonton , Albert , Canada ............ . ..SIZE... .5 Acres

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

Long before the hoteliers in Wisconsin Dells kicked off the indoor water park resort phenomenon and started battling it our for bragging rights, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta Canada, a humongous ode to consumerism, opened its humongous World Waterpark. At 5 acres, or roughly 225,000 square feet, the mall's water park is larger than any other indoor water park in North America--with the prickly exception of the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells.

If you combine the three separate indoor water parks at the Wilderness, they total 250,000 square feet. The World Waterpark is the largest indoor water park, by far, under one roof. It is not, however, a water park resort. A standalone water park, it is one of the attractions at the West Edmonton Mall (which also includes an indoor theme park). The mall, however, does offer some onsite hotels, so it could be argued that the mall itself is a resort.

A mega indoor water park resort is under development in Las Vegas that, when and if it opens, would be larger than the World Waterpark.


International Airport , New York ............ ........ USA

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport is one of the most modern, efficient, spacious and unique terminals in the New York area serving 45 international and domestic airlines carrying nearly 9 million passengers per year.

Regarded as the Terminal of Choice, Terminal 4 offers travelers a commitment to passenger service, while airlines benefit from a dedicated management company that oversees all landside and airside operations.

Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport is a successful paradigm for air terminal management and a model of public/private partnership.


Donghai Bridge , China ............ ......... ...32.5 kilo meters

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

A key phase in the development of the world's largest deep-sea port was completed when China's first cross-sea bridge -- the 20-mile, six-lane Donghai Bridge -- was officially opened in December, 2005. Stretching across the East China Sea, the graceful cable-stay structure connects Shanghai to Yangshan Island, set to become China's first free-trade port (and the world's largest container port) upon its completion in 2010.

To provide a safer driving route in the typhoons and high waves known to hit the region, Donghai Bridge is designed in an S-shape. The structure, reported by Shanghai Daily to have cost $1.2 billion, will hold its title of China's -- and one of the world's -- longest over-sea bridge for only a couple of years, though. In 2008, the nearby 22-mile Hangzhou Bay Transoceanic Bridge, which also begins (or ends, depending on your journey) in Shanghai, will earn the superlative.


Sydney harbor bridge, Australia ...16 lanes of car traffic.. 8 lanes in the upper floor, 8 in the lower floor

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most recognisable symbols of Australia. The Bridge provides a frame for one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and holds a special place in the city’s heart.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has connected the Sydney CBD with the North Shore of the harbour since it opened in 1932. It is the world’s largest (but not longest) steel-arch Bridge. It was beaten in length, by New York’s Bayonne Bridge, which is 25 feet longer and opened just four months earlier.

On major celebrations in Sydney history, like New Year’s Eve or the announcement of the Sydney Olympic Games, the Bridge has always been the focal point. Sydneysiders gather on boats and in the coves and corners of the Sydney Harbour foreshore to watch it explode with spectacular fireworks.

New Year’s Eve celebrations are broadcast each year on news channels all around the world, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge playing a starring role.


MS Freedom of the Seas.......4300 passenger Capacity Inside

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

MS Freedom of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. It is the namesake of Royal Caribbean's Freedom Class of cruise ships, and can accommodate over 4,300 passengers and 1,300 crew on fifteen passenger decks. In addition to two sister ships, Freedom will keep the title of the largest passenger ships ever built until construction of the Oasis Class ships in 2009, also owned by Royal Caribbean International.

The Freedom of the Seas was built at the Aker Yards drydock in Turku, Finland, which also is building the other ships of the Freedom Class. Upon its completion, it became the largest passenger ship ever built, taking that honor from Cunard's Queen Mary 2.

The ship features three swimming areas: an interactive water park, a dedicated adult pool and the main pool. There are 2 whirlpools cantilevered out from the ship's sides, the Royal Promenade sports, a coffee shop, Sorrento's Pizzeria, a Ben and Jerry's ice-cream shop, Vintage's winery, the Bull and Bear Irish pub, and many Duty-free shops. The 13th deck features a sports area with amenities such as a rock climbing wall, the FlowRider (an onboard wave generator for surfing), a miniature golf course and a full size basketball court. Other items include an ice skating rink, a casino, a Johnny Rockets, Wi-Fi capabilities throughout the ship, flat panel televisions in all staterooms, and cell phone connectivity.


Airbus A380......... ...555 Passengers

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine airliner manufactured by the European corporation Airbus, an EADS subsidiary. The largest passenger airliner in the world, the A380 made its maiden flight on 27 April 2005 from Toulouse, France, and made its first commercial flight on 25 October 2007 from Singapore to Sydney with Singapore Airlines. The aircraft was known as the Airbus A3XX during much of its development phase, but the nickname Superjumbo has since become associated with it.

The A380's upper deck extends along almost the entire length of the fuselage, and its width is equivalent to that of a widebody aircraft. This allows for a cabin with 50% more floor space than the next-largest airliner, the Boeing 747-400, and provides seating for 525 people in standard three-class configuration or up to 853 people in all economy class configuration. The A380 is offered in passenger and freighter versions. The A380-800, the passenger model, is the largest passenger airliner in the world, but has a shorter fuselage than the Airbus A340-600 which is Airbus' next biggest passenger aeroplane.

The A380-800F, the freighter model, is offered as one of the largest freight aircraft, with a listed payload capacity exceeded only by the Antonov An-225. The A380-800 has a design range of 15,200 kilometres (8,200 nmi), sufficient to fly from New York to Hong Kong for example, and a cruising speed of Mach 0.85 (about 900 km/h or 560 mph at cruising altitude).

MARACANA STADIUM..... ....... RIO D.J......... ... BRAZIL...... CAPACITY. ..199,000

Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

The Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, commonly called Estádio do Maracanã ("Maracanã stadium"), is an open-air stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was once the largest stadium in the world, seating just over 200,000 spectators. Owned by the Rio de Janeiro State Government, it is named after the Maracanã neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro.

It was opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup. Since then, it has mainly been used for football matches between the major football clubs in Rio de Janeiro, including Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco da Gama. It has also hosted a number of concerts and other sporting events. Although the paid attendance at the final game of the 1950 FIFA World Cup was 199,500, the stadium currently seats 95,000 spectators. Despite the reduction in capacity it remains the largest stadium in South America, and the eleventh largest in the world.It is due to host the World Cup Final in the 2014 World Cup, becoming the second stadium to host football's most important match twice after the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.


Top 10 The Biggest, Largest and Longest in the world

Bucket-wheel excavators are heavy equipment used in surface mining and civil engineering. They are among the largest vehicles ever constructed, and the biggest bucket-wheel excavator ever built, the MAN Takraf RB293, is the largest terrestrial vehicle in human history.

Especially large bucket-wheel excavators, over 200 meters long and up to 100 meters in height, are used in German strip-mining operations, and are the largest earth-movers in the world. These tremendous machines can cost over $100 million, take 5 years to assemble, require 5 people to operate, weigh more than 13,000 tons, and have a theoretical capacity of more than 12,000 m³/h.Specifically, the RB293 bucket wheel excavator manufactured by MAN Takraf is recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest land vehicle.


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