Tuesday, August 12

Top 10 most important search engines For visual images

1) Google Images

Excellent resource. Very fast and compehensive. Good reference info for each image.

2) AltaVista Picture Search

Good image database. Great variety. Search options.

3) Alltheweb Image Search

Good image database. Search options available.

4) Ixquick Picture Search

Taps other image resources. Small thumbnails. Limited.

5) Lycos Multimedia

Good in depth but unfriendly due to excessive use of advertising and promotions on the side. Small thumbnails, few pictures displayed at a time.

6) Yahoo Picture Gallery

Interesting resource with lots of good images from a variety of sources (including Corbis).

7) Picsearch

This is as of today the image search engine I like the most. Great variety, extreme reach, fast, easy to use, good thumbnails and lots of good reference info. Couldn't be better.

8) Ditto

Even though Ditto suffers from too much inbreeding with advertisements and other product promotions it is still a fully image-dedicated search engine trying to survive through a dubious business model.

9) GettyImages

Exceptionally good in many commercial and artistic areas. Great resource.

10) Photos.com

A non-competitor of the two above "giants" (among very many) which I like to recommend for its ease of use and 100,000-wide selection of "royalty-free" images.


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