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Top 10 Richest person in Singapore

Top 10 Singapore's Richest Person 2009

1 Ng Teng Fong

1 Ng Teng Fong At the age of  81,his net worth is $8 billion .Orchard Central, is the first new mall in  Singapore's swank Orchard Road more than a decade (another opened a week later). His Far East Organization and subsidiary Sino Group have developed more than 700 hotels, malls, condos in Hong Kong and Singapore

2 Khoo Family

2 Khoo Family Late banker Khoo Teck Puat left fortune to his 14 children in 2004. Family sold stake in Standard Chartered Bank in 2006 for estimated $4 billion. Held on to Good wood Group of Hotels, which includes Singapore's Good wood Park, run by daughter Mavis; daughter Elizabeth also runs a hotel in Singapore. Son Eric (right) is a filmmaker. New $55 million medical school family funded opens this month.The total net worth value is $5.5 billion

3 Kuok Khoon Hong

3 Kuok Khoon Hong At the age of 60, his net worth of $3.5 billion

Heads world's largest palm oil firm, Wilmar International. Stock up 70% in past year due to strong sales and expansion in China. Considering listing Chinese business in Hong Kong. Shareholding restructuring revealed his stake to be 12%, more than previously estimated.

4 Kwee Brothers

Kwee NET WORTH $3.2 billion

Four brother share ownership of privately held Pontiac Land. The property developer and hotel operator owns Singapore9s Ritz-Carlton, the Regent, 2 office towers near Marina Bay, among others. Recently opened 6-star hotel, the Capella, on Sentosa. Kwees have four corner offices on same floor and hold meetings in middle conference room. Oldest brother Kwee Liong Keng, 64, is managing director of Pontiac Land and was recently appointed Singapore9s Non-Resident Ambassador to Poland. Kwee Liong Tek, 63, who is chairman, is an avid art collector, decorating properties with works by Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella. Met his wife, daughter of Japanese-American entrepreneur who founded Kenwood Electronics and Mikasa, at UC, Berkeley. Other two brothers are Kwee Liong Seen and Kwee Liong Phing

5 Wee Cho Yaw

Wee Cho Yaw At the age of 80, his net worth of $3.1 billion

Chairs United Overseas Bank, one of Singapore's largest lenders. Stock has doubled since March low. Son Wee Ee Cheong is UOB's chief executive. Nearly a third of family's fortune comes from real estate holdings including stake in UOL Group, which Wee also chairs.

6 Zhong Sheng Jian

Zhong Sheng Jian At the age of 49,his net worth of  $2 billion

China-born Zhong's wealth recovered this year, owing to big increase in his high-end residential property business back in the motherland. Net profit at Singapore-listed Yanlord Land for the first 6 months of 2009 increased by 51%.

7 Peter Lim

Peter Lim At the age of 56, his net worth of $1.5 billion

Former stockbroker, now full-time investor gets bulk of fortune from stake in Wilmar, started by former client Kuok Khoon Hong (No. 3). Other stakes in fashion retailer FJ Benjamin, brewery restaurant Brewerkz.

8 Kwek Leng Beng

Kwek Leng Beng At the age of 68, his net worth of $1.2 billion

His City Developments, property firm he chairs, reported rise in last quarter's profits for first time in more than a year; stock up 50% in past year. Kwek is bullish, making deals again. Shares fortune with siblings.

9 Lee Seng Wee

Lee Seng Wee At the age of 78, NET WORTH $800 million

Former chairman of Singapore's Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp., still sits on board. Fortune up because it now includes his brother Lee Seng Tee's OCBC holdings.

10 Ong Beng Seng & Christina Ong

10 Ong Beng Seng & Christina Ong At the age of 65,Net worth of $700 million

One of Singapore's most influential couples, now listed here together. Ong, a Malaysian citizen, is managing director of Hotel Properties, which includes Four Seasons, Hard Rock hotels in Southeast Asia; also owns rights to Singapore Grand Prix. Just became nation's only official Ferrari dealer. His wife runs Como Hotels & Resorts, retail empire Club 21; also owns a yoga studio, health food store. Couple also has stakes in steel outfit NSL and Kuo International, founded by her late father, Peter Fu Yun Siak


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