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Top 10 China’s Richest Person In 2009

Top 10 China’s Richest Person In 2009

1 Wang Chuanfu

1 Wang ChuanfuNet Worth: $5.8 billion Company: BYD Industry: Battery, Automobile  Age: 43. His BYD, which makes electric cars and batteries, got jolt from recent Warren Buffett investment; stock up 6 times this year.

2 Liu Yongxing2 Liu YongxingNet Worth: $5.5 billion Company: East Hope Group Industry: Agriculture, Metals Age: 61 Seizing on opportunity after China’s economic reforms kicked in 1980s, Liu and his 3 brothers built one of China’s most successful feed businesses before parting ways in 1999. Liu’s privately held East Hope focuses on heavy industry. Investing in industrial projects, including cement plant in Chongqing, China’s largest city. Liu also holds stakes in China Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Insurance, Bright Dairy.
3 Zong Qinghou3 Zong QinghouNet Worth: $4.8 billion Company : Wahaha Group Industry: Food Age: 64. His Wahaha Group, China’s biggest beverage maker, settled a bitter legal dispute with former joint venture partner Danone in September, with Wahaha agreeing to buy out Danone’s interests
4 Lu Xiangyang
Net Worth: $4.1 billion Company: Guangzhou Youngy  Mgt & Investment Group
Industry: Investment Finance Age: 47. Vice chairman of BYD, cofounded auto and battery maker with cousin Wang Chuanfu (No. 1). Worked as a banker for 14 years. Now also runs his own investment company, Guangzhou Rongjie Investment.
5 Yang Huiyan

5 Yang Huiyan Net Worth: $3.9 billion Company: Country Garden Industry: Real Estate Age: 28 Yang’s wealth is up three-fourths in past year but still well below her 2007 net worth of $16.2 billion when she topped the China ranks. Her fortune is tied up in her holding in Guangdong developer Country Garden, run by dad Yeung Kwok Keung, who transferred the shares to her. Ohio State grad is now apparently responsible for supervising the company’s procurement and resource strategies.

6 Hui Wing Mau (Xu Rongmao)

6 Hui Wing Mau (Xu Rongmao) Net Worth: $3.85 billion Company: Shimao Group Industry: Real Estate Age: 59 Seasoned developer is coming through latest real estate cycle in good shape. Operating profit at his Shimao Property Holdings increased by 36% in first half of 2009. Hot seller: units of Shanghai Riviera Garden’s newest tower near city’s Lujiazui financial district. Has been buying up land in hometown province of Fujian, where prices are rising on hopes for better relations with nearby Taiwan

7 Ma Huateng
7 Ma HuatengNet Worth: $3.8 billion Company: Tencent Holdings  Industry: IT  Age: 38. China’s richest Internet entrepreneur cofounded Tencent in 1999. Today world’s 16th most popular Web site, China’s second, according to Web ranking service Alexa.
8 Liu Zhongtian
8 Liu ZhongtianNet Worth: $3.79 billion Company: China Zhongwang Holdings Industry: Metal Processors & Fabrica  Age: 45. Took China Zhongwang, which he founded, public in May, raising $1.3 billion in one of world?s biggest initial offerings of 2009. Asia?s largest manufacturer of aluminum extrusion products- it shapes metal into different sizes, parts for transportation businesses such as railways, subways, cars- company issued a statement in September to deny a report that it lost the top 10 customers listed in its offering prospectus. In October, appointed auditing firm Ernst & Young to review its prospectus after media, analysts questioned its accuracy.
9 Zhang Jindong

9 Zhang JindongNet Worth: $3.7 billion Company: Suning Appliances Industry: Retail-Appliances Age: 46. Founded electronics-appliance retailer Suning Appliance, now China’s second biggest, in 1990; its shares have doubled in past year. Group has announced plans to buy 27% stake in Japanese home electronics chain Laox. Zhang also invests in property on the mainland. Brother Zhang Guiping is No. 24.

10 Wang Jianlin
10 Wang JianlinNet Worth: $3.5 billion Company: Dalian Wanda Group Industry: Real Estate  Age: 55 Chairs property developer Dalian Wanda Group, which reportedly added 7 minority investors this year. Wanda has projects in more than 30 cities, including 19 Wanda plazas, 6 five-star hotels. Wang is deputy to the 17th Party Congress and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.


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