Monday, December 21

Top 10 America's Most Promising Young Companies

No. 1: Vextec

Founded: 2000,@ Brentwood, Tenn. with 23Employees
Industry: Computational analysis,2008 Revenue: $3 millionAmerica's Most Promising Young Companies1

Company Vitals: Invented patented modeling software that predicts, with great accuracy, how and when components will fail--even before they're built. Customers include Cummins, BorgWarner and Lockheed Martin.

No. 2: Kerosene and a Match

Founded: 2009@ San Clemente, Calif with 9 Employees
Industry: Technology (software)
America's Most Promising Young Companies2 Company Vitals: Makes software that trolls the Web for unsearchable graphics, photos and videos. Example: One could upload a picture of a rash and search for remedies. Revenue model: annual licensing fees.

No. 3: iKnowWare

Founded: 2002@ Georgetown, Texas  with 12 EmployeesAmerica's Most Promising Young Companies3

Industry: Software as a service Company Vitals: Software accesses any data, anytime, from anywhere, even via smart phones. Sells prepackaged versions for the construction, banking, insurance, accounting and health care industries.

No. 4: Ferrate Treatment Technologies

Ferratetreatment.comAmerica's Most Promising Young Companies4

Founded: 2004@ Orlando, Fla. with 6 Employees
Industry: Water treatment  Company Vitals: Makes a portable machine that strips electrons from iron ions to make ferrate, a more potent water disinfectant than ozone and chlorine. Can disinfect up to 20 millions gallons of water per day.

No. 5: Weather Trends International

America's Most Promising Young Companies5Founded: 2006 @  Bethlehem, Pa. with 14 Employees
Industry: Weather forecasting Company Vitals: Uses statistical algorithms to forecast temperature, precipitation and snowfall by the day and season for the year ahead.

No. 6: Sundia

America's Most Promising Young Companies6 Founded: 2004 @ Oakland, Calif.
Industry: Branded produce Company Vitals: Packages and sells cut fruit in eight-ounce and 20-ounce containers. Rents factory space in fruit-rich countries Mexico, Thailand and China. Farms out its phone systems (Philippines), accounting (India) and tracking and quality assurance (Pakistan).

No. 7: Oversight Systems

America's Most Promising Young Companies7 Founded: 2003 @ Atlanta
Industry: Software as a service Company Vitals: Its Web-based software acts as a virtual auditor to catch internal fraud and employee mistakes by mining data from company databases.

No. 8: Auri Footwear

America's Most Promising Young Companies8 Founded: 2008 @  Laguna Beach, Calif.
Industry: Consumer products Company Vitals: Designs, manufacturers and sells men's shoes online, at and, and through 100 U.S. retailers, including Nordstrom.

No. 9: Yurtopia

America's Most Promising Young Companies9 Founded: 2008 @  St. Louis, Mo.
Industry: Audio accessories Company Vitals: Manufactures and sells earbuds for audio headphones. Size selection based on digital photos of customers' ear canals.

No. 10: Prolifiq Software

America's Most Promising Young Companies10 Founded: 2005 @ Beaverton, Ore.
Industry: Software as a service Company Vitals: Offers real-time data management (including audio and video images) for salespeople in the technology, digital media and life sciences industries.


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