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Top 10-Top Earning American Idol 2009-2010

Top 10-Highest Paid|Most Earning|Top Earning 'American Idol  2009-2010

No. 1: Carrie Underwood

$14 millionCarrie Underwood The Muskogee, Okla.-born country girl used Idol to launch a massively successful recording career. A three-time Grammy country vocal winner, Underwood has sold 9.6 million albums.

No. 2: Jennifer Hudson

$5 millionJennifer Hudson The multi-talented singer-actress won an Oscar in 2006 for her role in Dreamgirls. Her 2008 self-titled album has sold over 750,000 copies. Hudson was chosen to sing the national anthem at the 2009 Super Bowl.

No. 3: Kelly Clarkson

$4.2 millionKelly Clarkson Idol's original queen has sold over 10 million albums. Her latest single, "All I Ever Wanted," hit No. 1 on Billboard charts.

No. 4: Jordin Sparks

$3.1 millionJordin Sparks The season six winner broke out with "No Air," a duet with R&B crooner Chris Brown. She has toured with Alicia Keyes and is now on the road with tween sensations the Jonas Brothers.

No. 5: Kellie Pickler

$2.3 million73867467BM011_2007_CMT_Musi Like fellow Idol alum Underwood, Pickler is more cowgirl than diva. She has sold 1 million records since the show. She is paid to endorse Sexy Hair products.

No. 6: Clay Aiken

$2.2 millionClay Aiken The Raleigh, N.C., native maintains loyal following six years after finishing second on Idol. He has sold 4 million albums and penned a New York Times best-selling memoir. Aiken recently finished a run in Broadway's "Spamalot."

No. 7: Chris Daughtry

$2 millionChris Daughtry One of the first Idol rockers to reach the final four, Daughtry's debut album sold over 4 million copies. His follow-up is slated to hit stores this July.

No. 8: David Cook

$2 millionDavid Cook Once a small-town songwriter, Cook has a top-selling album and a lucrative endorsement deal with Skechers.

No. 9: David Archuleta

$1.3 millionDavid Archuleta Edged out in the seventh season by Cook, baby-faced Archuleta has gone on to release a successful album of soulful pop. The self-titled debut record has sold 700,000 copies. The 18 year-old has played more than 100 live shows since Idol.

No. 10: Taylor Hicks

$300,000Taylor Hicks Prematurely gray-haired soul master Hicks charmed Idol audiences and won the fifth season. He's now playing Teen Angel in a national tour ofGrease.


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