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Top 10 Hairstyles of the Year 2011-2010

Top Searched Hairstyles of the Year 2011-2010
1. Pixie cuts
Michelle Williams owned this look a few years ago but in 2010 it was newcomer Carey Mulligan who made the style her own, followed by Emma Watson who commanded international headlines when she dispensed with her long Hermione locks.
2. Snooki’s hairstyles
Keep in mind that popularity is driven by the good and the regrettable. Snooki’s Elvira-esque pouf was her trademark until she let it deflate in the fall in favor of bangs.

3. Half-up/half-down hairstyles
This look goes along with the lady-like fashion trend that has been (and continues to be) a hit in Hollywood. One of the style’s most devoted fans is Angelina Jolie. Fun fact: Searches for the look spike during prom season.
4. Mila Kunis’ hair
It’s fair to say the “Black Swan” star and “That 70s Show” alum has bombshell hair—the kind of hair womenand men love.

5. Emo hairstyles
This look is somewhere between punk and goth, with a little bit of humor mixed in. Typically, an emo style has a bluish-black base, a blunt asymmetrical cut and streaks of intense color. For your reference, Adam Lambert is the emo king.
6. Jessica Alba’s hairstyles
There isn’t a look she hasn’t rocked from soft, wispy updos to tousled waves. In Jessica’s case we think her popularity has everything to do with pure hair envy.
7. The updo
Whether it’s a Grace Kelly French twist or a slicked-back bun, the updo adds instant glamour and happens to go extremely well with strapless and one-shoulder dress styles.
8. Kelly Osbourne’s hair
Kelly’s always loved to experiment with color. She started the year with short platinum hair, then tried out shiny copper, then moved on to a gray/purple. More recently, as she lost a dramatic 50 pounds, she grew out her hair and gradually went back to a light, California blonde.
9. Braided hairstyles
The pumped-up ponytail has some competition. Side braids, French braids, and loose-and-messy braids all made appearances on the red carpet this year. The options are visually interesting and also useful for keeping hair out of starlets’ eyes when they face the camera flashes.
10. The many hairstyles of Rihanna
Rihanna reminded us that you can make a statement with your hair just as easily as you can with your fashion. She started 2010 with an impressive pompadour, then tried out bangs, then surprised us by going crimson, then continued to play with extensions and curls.
Emma Watson new haircut
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