Friday, December 17

Top 10 Most-Viewed Images on Britannica for 2010

Well, it’s that time of year when sites release the Top 10 of this or the Top 10 of that, and at Britannica, we’re no different. Here were the images with the most number of page views on our consumer Web site,, for 2010 (clicking on the link will open the image on in a new window). Body parts, war, and devastation top the list.0000099194-suptis043-004

  1. Bones of the hand and wrist
  2. Posterior view of the muscles of the human leg
  3. Bernese mountain dog
  4. Anterior and lateral view of the human skull
  5. Bones of the foot
  6. Spinal Nerve
  7. Ernest Rutherford atomic model gold foil experiment
  8. National Palace of Haiti (after damage from the January 12 earthquake)
  9. U.S. Marines moving supplies and weapons during World War II during the Battle of Cape Gloucester
  10. Major muscles, tendons, and nerves of the foot


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