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Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for Webmasters 2011

Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for Webmasters 

Writing an article of any content is not an easy task because it involves a high degree of precision of words and keywords. So for any writing, selecting the best possible keywords is a main factor. To be in touch with the latest and unique keywords for your writing, there are several options available online which can help you take an idea of what is the best for you. The top ten free keyword research tools for webmasters are given below.


1. Google Adwords research tools

As the time has passed, the technology has evolved and this tool has become a prerequisite for the webmasters to research tools.

2. Google Search-based Keyword tool

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This search based tool completely revolutionizes your keyword command as it provides you with the to point material to let you in touch with the latest innovations and also provides platform to make your blog popular.

3. Keyword List Generator

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This is a very simple to use software which enables you to search many different list of keywords of your own choice.

4. Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tools

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By using this software, You can not only search the desired keywords but also the keywords that associates with them.

5. Good Keywords

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This V3 software uses the keyword Database Manager for the desired work. This Software gives you with a variety of keywords which are according to your needs.

6. Google Insights for Search

key -6

This tool comes with an additional option of comparing the desired data within any time frame or things like that. This comparison is based on the approximations made by the computer.

7. Keyword Playground

key -7

One must have a clear picture in mind of what he is looking for because this is the guiding principle which determines your keyword research. This software not only search Keywords for you but also gives suggestions relating your need.

8. Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

key -8

This tool gathers information from a number of other sources to provide you with the most accurate search of your keyword. This software gives you almost 100 Keywords for one word.

9. Google Trends

key -9

This service is offered by the Google in which you can compare different keywords in order to get the desired one.

10. SEOmoz

key -10

This tool shows the top ten keywords for a particular data and it run in accordance with different search engines available on the web.


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