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Top 10 Best Hospitals in the world 2011

1.Bumrungrad Medical Center - Bangkok, Thailand

Bumrungrad-Hospital-LogoThe Bumrungrad Medical Center in Bangkok has established itself as a Mecca in medical tourism, combing quality health care with reasonable costs. But steer clear of the hospitals and basic services in Thailand's coastal resorts.

2.Parkway Health Care - Singapore

logoA star of Asian health care is Singapore's Parkway Health, with its 16 hospitals and 3,300 beds across the continent.

3.Matilda Hospital - Hong Kong, China

Matilda Hospital

The finest quality health care can be found in the Hong Kong Adventist and in the Matilda Hospital. But with China booming and ex-pat executives dashing to Hong Kong for medical care, the city's private medical costs are climbing at an alarming rate.

4.Wales Hospital  - Sydney, Australia

Wales hospitalThe Prince of Wales teaching hospital in Sydney is a leader in Australia's national health care system. Best kept secret: floors five to seven are for pampered private patients.

5.Centro Médico ABC - Mexico City, Mexico

Centro Médico ABCCentro Médico ABC is considered the jewel in Mexico's private health care crown, despite competition from the fast-rising Angeles Group, Star Medica and Christus Muguerza.

6.Hospital Punta Pacifica - Panama City, Panama

Hospital Punta PacificaHospital Punta Pacifica is a Johns Hopkins Medical International affiliate. The other class act in town is the Centro Médico Paitilla.

7. The London Clinic - London, U.K.

The London ClinicHarley Street doctors have attracted foreign travelers for a century. But the gold standard remains the London Clinic. Established in 1932, it provides translators to wealthy clients who don’t speak English.

8.Klinik Hirslanden - Zurich, Switzerland

Klinik HirslandenThe world-famous Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich treats everything from headaches to cancer. Its more exotic offerings include a sports injuries clinic and a sleep center.

9.The American Hospital - Paris, France

The American HospitalThe American Hospital Of Paris, founded by American ex-pats in the suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, is as much a part of Parisian history as the Eiffel Tower

10.Vienna, AustriaPrivatklinik Döbling

  Fall ill while in Eastern Europe and you'll want to hotfoot it to one of the many quality clinics in Vienna. Among them is the 160-bed Privatklinik Döbling.


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